Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kits

Grades 2 to 6

Prepare Your Students for the NEW High-Stakes Tests!
Instructional Practice with Short, Complex Informational Passages

The Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kits provide opportunities for students to improve their nonfiction reading comprehension and analytical proficiency while practicing their standardized test-taking skills. Organized in functional binders, the passages are carefully selected excerpts from Sundance/Newbridge informational texts.

The Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kits:

  • Offer a range of high-quality informational passages, representing a variety of topics.
  • Incorporate passages at different reading levels for successful practice.
  • Promote effective test-taking practices through 3 types of assessment:
    1. Selected Responses
    2. Constructed Responses
    3. Performance Tasks
  • Supply CCSS-specific questions to assess students' comprehension.
  • Present options for whole class and small group instruction.
  • Provide opportunities to compare student responses to high-scoring answers.
Improve Student Achievement with Informational Text Passages Containing Built-In CCSS-Aligned Quizzes

Program Organization

Grade 2GRL K, L, M30 Passages
Grade 3GRL N, O, P30 Passages
Grade 4GRL Q, R, S30 Passages
Grades 5/6GRL T, U, V, W, X50 Passages

Kit Components
Self-contained kits include 10 passages per Guided Reading Level with built-in CCSS-aligned quizzes, Performance Tasks, and explicit instructional support in print and CD-ROM formats.

Passages with Quizzes
Each Grade-Level Binder includes Passages for each Guided Reading Level with a set of passage-specific questions:


  • High-interest Passages necessitate close reading
  • 10 Passages per Guided Reading Level
  • Short Passages are 3-4 pages each
Selected Response Questions
  • 3 Selected Response Questions for each Passage
  • Students select the best answer of 4 possible choices
Constructed Response Questions
  • 2 Constructed Response Questions for each Passage
  • Students provide written answers to higher-order thinking questions
Look Inside! View sample Student Passages with Selected Response and Constructed Response questions from each of the grade-level binders.
Performance Tasks
Performance Tasks give student practice integrating information from multiple print and digital sources.
  • 3 Performance Tasks per Grade Level that measure students' ability to integrate knowledge and skills across multiple Standards.
  • Look Inside! View sample Performance Tasks from the Grade 2 and the Grade 5 binders.

Teacher Materials
Each Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kit provides:.

Teacher Guide

  • Explicit Instructional Support
  • Answer Key for Selected and Constructed Response Questions, and Performance Tasks
  • Performance Task Rubrics
  • Point-of-Use and Summary CCSS Correlations
  • Look Inside! View a Teacher Guide sampler.

Instructional CD
The CD-ROM in each Kit serves multiple purposes and provides additional resources:
  • Printable versions of each Passage, Questions, and Performance Tasks
  • Interactive PDF versions of each Passage and Questions, allowing students to save and print.


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Why are Short, Complex, Informational Text Passages Important?

The Common Core State Standards require that students have experience with reading informational texts of varying lengths including "shorter, challenging texts that elicit close reading and re-reading...provided regularly at each grade." (Coleman & Pimentel, 4).

The short passages need to be of a complexity that allows students to think critically about the information delivered in the passages.

The CCSS demands that students respond to rigorous, text-dependent questions which require them to be able to explicitly state the details of the text and to make claims dependent on the evidence in the text.

The Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kits offers practice text-specific questions, aligned to the CCSS, for each of the grade-level passages.


Assessment Readiness for Common Core Kits
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-827708 Grade 2 Kit: 30 Leveled Passages; Teacher Guide; Instructional CD-ROM $139.00
WA-827709 Grade 3 Kit: 30 Leveled Passages; Teacher Guide; Instructional CD-ROM $139.00
WA-827710 Grade 4 Kit: 30 Leveled Passages; Teacher Guide; Instructional CD-ROM $139.00
WA-827711 Grades 5/6 Kit: 50 Leveled Passages; Teacher Guide; Instructional CD-ROM $169.00
WA-827714 Complete Grades 26 Kit: 140 Leveled Passages; 4 Teacher Guides; 4 Instructional CD-ROMs $529.00

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