Grade 4 Informational Text Sets

Grade 4

Grade 4 Informational Text Sets are organized to meet content standards as well as the reading needs of individual students.

Teaching with text sets stimulates your students' interest by offering them choices of what to read. Multiple texts representing multiple perspectives provide you and your students with the materials they need to achieve the goals set forth by the Common Core State Standards. Each Informational Text Set includes:
  • Read-Aloud title(s)
  • 6 copies of each Leveled Book
  • Topic-specific Teacher Guide
    • Tips for teaching with informational text sets
    • Lesson plans
    • CCSS-aligned assessments (Selected Response, Constructed Response, and Performance Tasks)
  • Display Box
Science Text Sets
 Earth Set • GRL Q–S • 700L–950L
ScienceGeology • Read-Aloud Book
Exploring Caves
Floods, Dams, and Levees
Fossils and Rocks
Ice on Earth
Investigating Rocks
Mighty Ocean
Rocks and Minerals
 Energy and Matter Set • GRL R–S • 775L–980L
ScienceEnergy • Read-Aloud Book
Atoms and Molecules
Changing Matter
Discovering Electricity
Exploring Energy
Force and Motion
Ice to Steam: Changing States of Matter
Properties of Matter
Wind Power
 Nature's Diversity Set • GRL Q–S • 720L–1080L
ScienceEcosystems • Read-Aloud Book
How Ecosystems Work
Our Water Supply
Rain Forest Adventure
Who Needs Weeds?
Social Studies Text Sets
 Biographies Set 1 • GRL P–S • 750L–950L
Casey Jones
Chief Ouray: Ute Peacemaker
Clara Barton
Daniel Boone
Davy Crockett
Jim Bowie
Molly Pitcher
Sacajawea: Shoshone Trailblazer
Sally Hemings
Sequoyah: Inventor of the Cherokee Written Language
Sojourner Truth
"Unsinkable" Molly Brown
 Biographies Set 2 • GRL Q–S • 770L–930L
Alexander Hamilton
Benjamin Franklin
Crispus Attucks
James Oglethorpe
Phillis Wheatley
Roger Williams
Samuel Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Paine
William Bradford
 United States Regions Set • GRL Q–S • 780L–1190L
America's Coasts • Read-Aloud Book
The Great Lakes (Read to Learn series) • Read-Aloud Book
Our Moving Frontier • Read-Aloud Book
Great Lakes (The Expansion of America series)
The Hudson River: America's First Highway
The Mighty Mississippi
New England
The Oregon Trail
Our West
People of the Plains
Yellowstone: Wonder of the West
 United States Resources Set • GRL Q–S • 790L–940L
Corn: An American Invention • Read-Aloud Book
America's Cheese: An Old Food in a New Land
Chocolate: The Story of an Industry
Harvest Time
Lowell: At Work in the Mill
Made in America
Our History with Horses
Rock: A Remarkable Resource
GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Grade 4 Informational Text Sets
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationLexile®Price
WA-827532 Earth: 60 Student Books (6 each of 10 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 700L - 950L $529.00
WA-827533 Energy and Matter: 48 Student Books (6 each of 8 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 775L - 980L $430.00
WA-827534 Nature’s Diversity: 36 Student Books (6 each of 6 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 720L - 1080L $295.00
WA-827537 Biographies Set 1: 72 Student Books (6 each of 12 titles); 1 Teacher Guide 750L - 950L $636.00
WA-827538 Biographies Set 2: 60 Student Books (6 each of 10 titles); 1 Teacher Guide 770L - 930L $515.00
WA-827535 United States Regions: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 3 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide 780L - 1190L $478.00
WA-827536 United States Resources: 42 Student Books (6 each of 7 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 790L - 940L $350.00

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