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Lost Creatures

Grades 6 to 9

Fiction: Beast of the Jungle
Other kids' fathers have normal jobs. They're accountants, firefighters, plumbers, or lion-tamers. But not Gina's dad. Her dad's a dino hunter. He might even go down in history as the person who found the last dinosaur.

Nonfiction: How to Build a Monster
Nobody has ever seen a dragon, but everyone knows what they look like. In fact, some of the most famous animals in the world cannot be found in a zoo—the Loch Ness monster, mermaids, giants, and three-headed dogs … but do they really exist?

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Lost Creatures
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WA-31078 Paired Set: 2 Books (1 each of 2 titles) $14.90  
WA-31079 Paired Set 6-Pack: 12 Books (6 each of 2 titles) $89.40 Correlate

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