All About Math

Grades 1 to 2

Targeting Math Literacy! Help your students achieve grade-level math proficiency. All About Math integrates solid math instruction with vocabulary development so children learn the language of math while building math understanding.

All About Math is a supplemental math program that delivers solid instruction through an in-depth approach to key concepts. Use this flexible, easy-to-implement program to supplement any Grade 1–2 math curriculum.

All About Math supports core content and helps improve math achievement and build math literacy by providing substantial extra exposure and practice to critical math concepts.

All About Math features:

  • math vocabulary so students learn the language of math
  • a variety of real-world examples for building math understanding
  • application of key concepts through questions

16 Topic Sets! The Complete Program comprises 16 Topic Sets that support and extend critical concepts in your math basal and key local math standards. The Topic Sets are grouped to cover Grade 1 and Grade 2 math concepts:

  • Set 1 (Grade 1) introduces students to adding, subtracting, counting to 20 and 50, understanding measurement, recognizing and naming fractional parts, and recognizing and naming flat and solid shapes.
  • Set 2 (Grade 2) teaches counting to 100, ordinal numbers, patterns, money, telling time, and picture graphs and bar graphs.

Topic Set components: Instructional Big Book, 3 Student Book 8-Packs, and a Teaching Guide.

Instructional Big Book
  • Introduce key math concepts and vocabulary during whole class instruction
  • Poster-size, real-life photos
  • Jumbo 14" x 20" size, 24 pages
3 Student Book 8-Packs
  • 3 topic-related titles, bundled in 8-Packs
  • Written at students' independent reading levels
  • Support and reinforce key math concepts
  • Ideal for small group instruction and literacy centers
  • 5 3/4" x 8 1/4", 12–16 pages each
Teaching Guide
Order the Complete Program: 16 Big Books; 16 Teaching Guides; 48 Student Book 8-Packs (384 books); 16 FREE sturdy, clear vinyl Tote Bags.

Learn more about each Set in the All About Math Program:

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level
All About Math—Set 1 1 B - E
All About Math—Set 2 2 E - I


All About Math
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-822617 Big Book Collection: 16 Big Books; 16 Teacher Guides; 2 FREE clear vinyl Tote Bags $661.00
WA-822616 Complete Program, 16 Topic Sets: 16 Big Books; 16 Teacher Guides; 48 Student Book 8-Packs (384 books); 16 FREE clear vinyl Tote Bags $2,994.00

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