1. Program Organization
  2. Using the Online Stories
Program Organization

The 50 Sundance Literactive Readers titles are organized into 5 carefully leveled sets that gradually increase in difficulty.

Overview of the 50 Student Books

Set Guided Reading Level Word Count Pages Topic Text Features
1 A 19-30 12 Home and Self • Predictable, repetitive text
• Direct correspondence between pictures and text
2 A-B 28-46 12 Family • Repetitive text
• Simple sentence structure
• Final page variations
• Return sweep
• Sentences vary in length
3 B-C 37-51 12 Animals • Repetitive text
• Supportive illustration
• Return sweep
• Variation in sentence structure
• Two sentences on a page
4 D 65-74 16 Friends • Stories increase in length
• Limited repetition of key phrases
• Linear, sequential storylines
• Full range of high frequency words
• Up to two sentences per page
5 E 78-111 16 School • Direct speech
• Up to 3 sentences per page
• Full return sweep
• High frequency words

Sundance Literactive Readers feature fun, engaging stories that develop key skills for young readers, focusing on the five essential elements of reading instruction. Download the Scope and Sequence to learn more.

Classroom Support

Easy-to-use Teacher Guides for each title provide support for before, during, and after reading with explicit instruction to develop key reading skills.
Try it out in your classroom! Download a sample Teacher Guide.

The Program Overview Guide facilitates classroom implementation—includes classroom management strategies, student assessments, graphic organizers, family letters, and more.
Take a look inside! Download a Program Overview Guide sampler.

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