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Sundance Newbridge Publishing and the Bridgeview Educational Resources team are privileged to support your unique needs, by finding and aligning products to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, or by creating customized packages specific to your students' reading levels and topics of interest. We offer digital access to thousands of titles in perpetuity—with no annual subscription costs—to support your distance learning efforts, and to provide high quality instructional resources to support teachers of all experience levels.

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Chris Opstad and Ron Cox are committed to helping you make sound budget-conscious curriculum decisions. For a personal consultation, details about our products, or a courtesy quote, please contact:

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Sundance Newbridge 2021 Catalog

Browse Customer Favorites below, or our new 2021 Sundance Newbridge catalog, and see how we can help you build better readers. 

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Customer Favorites

Grades: K to 8

42 Customized Sets That Meet the Georgia Standards ...

Grades: K to 2

Introduce a New Generation of Young Learners to the ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: PreK to 2

Create a Love of Reading and Desire to Learn with Fiction ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: PreK to 1

Key Foundational Skills Instruction for Beginning Readers

Customer Favorite
Grades: 1 to 4

Better Together: Fiction and Nonfiction Pairs Boost ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: 2 to 5

Easy-to-Follow Instruction and Activity-Based Student ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: 3 to 5

Activity-Based Writing Kits for Grades 3-5 with Print ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: K to 5

Teach Social Studies Content and Literacy at the Same ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: K to 5

Activity-Based ELA/Science Program for Grades K-5—Perfect ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: 2 to 6

Show your below-level readers just how much fun reading ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: 1 to 6

Prepare Students to Become Active and Successful Readers, ...

Customer Favorite
Grades: 1 to 6

Struggling readers get up close and personal with untamed ...

Grades: K to 5

Flexible Online Libraries with Superior Student and ...

Grades: K to 3

Increase Daily Reading Time with Easy-to-Manage, All-in-One ...

Grades: K to 5

3 New Sets Now Available! Enhance students' developing ...

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