Choose Your Own Adventure® Teacher Guides with CD-ROM


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The Teacher Guides provide comprehensive teaching support and include:
Choose Your Own Adventure Teacher Guide
  • activities for supporting fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension

View enlarged sample Support Activities.

Choose Your Own Adventure Teacher Guide Blackline Masters
  • story-specific blackline masters that reinforce comprehension, writing skills, and literary analysis
  • background information about topics and content found in each title
  • 8 1/2" x 11", 54 pages
View enlarged Blackline Masters.

The CD-ROM in the Teacher Guides includes a template with the "secret formula" for students to create their own Choose Your Own Adventure books. The CD features:

  • An Introduction for Teachers
  • Guidelines for Writing a Choose Your Own Adventure 
  • Story Ideas
  • Two different-length versions of Story Map Outlines and Writing Templates
  • Compatibility with both Mac and PC
  • No installation necessary!
About the Series Author:

"Everyone has something important to say..."
—R. A. Montgomery
R. A. Montgomery, series author for Choose Your Own Adventure

R. A. Montgomery has hiked in the Himalayas, climbed mountains in Europe, scuba-dived in Central America, and worked in Africa. He lives in France in the winter, travels frequently to Asia, and calls Vermont home.

Montgomery graduated from Williams College and attended graduate school at Yale University and NYU. His interests include macro-economics, geo-politics, mythology, history, mystery novels, and music. 

He has two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. His wife, Shannon Gilligan, is an author and noted interactive game designer. 

Montgomery feels that the new generation of people under 15 is the most important asset in our world.

Student Books

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