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View the Sundance Catalog Online

That's Wild!
Grades 4 to 8

Click picture for sample pages.
Creepy, crawly creatures introduce reluctant readers to the wild world of nonfiction.

That's Wild! supports life science standards with high-interest content written at a Grade 2 reading level. A unique, question-and-answer format makes reading easy and fun as your students become experts on these fascinating animals.

That's Wild! features:

  • 12 books, 32 pages each
  • Reading Level 2; Interest Level 4–8
  • Guided Reading Level K–M
  • Word count: 750–950; 8 chapters in each book
  • Word-for-word Audio CDs to support each book
  • 134-page Sundance Hi-Lo Reading Teacher Guide with strong support
  • A FREE Smart Word vocabulary card and book label for every title
The That's Wild! series:
  • Focuses students on key vocabulary with fun color-coded type.
  • Captures their attention and supports their reading experience with dramatic, full-page photography.
  • Keeps students engaged as they read for the main idea with short, manageable chapters.
  • Teaches students how to effectively use nonfiction text features like table of contents, chapter headings, captions, glossary, and index.
Teacher Guide
The Sundance Hi-Lo Reading Teacher Guide provides an 8-page lesson plan for each title in the series that includes 6 reproducible skill sheets for every book!

Awesome Octopuses
Did you know that an octopus does not have any bones in its body? Or that it is very shy? Learn about these fascinating sea animals in their own ocean habitat.

Bustling Beetles
Did you know that there are more than 300,000 different beetles on Earth? Or that there are no beetles at the North or South Poles? Uncover the many nuances of these varied and unusual insects.

Creepy Centipedes
Did you know that some centipedes can have more than 100 legs? Or that some large centipedes like to eat frogs, mice, and even snakes? Visit with these multi-legged predators in their homes around the globe.

Jiggly Jellyfish
Did you know that jellyfish are older than the dinosaurs? Or that they can sting—or even kill—their enemies? Experience the underwater world of these ancient, carnivorous invertebrates.

Mighty Elephants
Did you know that elephants are the biggest animals that live on the land? Or that they use their trunks to talk to each other? Venture into the domain of these powerful, nomadic herbivores.

Mysterious Black Widows
Did you know that black widow spiders have fangs? Or that the female sometimes eats her mate? Delve deep into the lives of these bewitching and beguiling creatures.

Pouncing Jaguars
Did you know that jaguars are very good swimmers? Or that they can kill an animal with just a slap of their paw? Experience the beauty and the nocturnal way of life of these endangered beasts.

Test your students' jaguar knowledge with a reproducible crossword puzzle based on Pouncing Jaguars. To view this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe.

Prowling Wolves
Did you know that wolves can jog for 50 miles without resting? Or that gray wolves are not always gray? Take a close-up look at this exceptional but imperiled species.

Shocking Sharks
Did you know that some sharks have spots? Or that sharks can smell an animal in the water from a long distance away? Get to know the distinctive habits and habitats of these unique fish.

Thrilling Tarantulas
Did you know that tarantulas can't see very well? Or that many people have tarantulas as pets? Uncover the peculiar characteristics of these unusual and hairy spiders.

Towering Giraffes
Did you know that giraffes have more than one part to their stomach? Or that some giraffes have spots on them that look like leaves? Enhance your understanding of these extraordinary animals of the African savannas.

Wobbly Walruses
Did you know that walruses use other walruses as pillows when they sleep? Or that some male walruses can weigh more than 3,500 pounds? Explore the watery world of these large and notable pinnipeds.

Accelerated Reader® quizzes are available for these titles.

Follow this link for a more detailed description of Sundance Hi-Lo Reading.

That's Wild!
Quantity Order Code Configuration GRL Level Lexile® Price Standards Correlations
WA-25807 Awesome Octopuses: Single Copy M 620L $8.40 
WA-25807-E6 Awesome Octopuses: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card M 620L $55.40Correlate
WA-30453 Awesome Octopuses: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25808 Bustling Beetles: Single Copy L 500L $8.40 
WA-25808-E6 Bustling Beetles: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card L 500L $55.40Correlate
WA-30454 Bustling Beetles: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25809 Creepy Centipedes: Single Copy L 590L $8.40 
WA-25809-E6 Creepy Centipedes: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card L 590L $55.40Correlate
WA-30455 Creepy Centipedes: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25810 Jiggly Jellyfish: Single Copy M 570L $8.40 
WA-25810-E6 Jiggly Jellyfish: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card M 570L $55.40Correlate
WA-30456 Jiggly Jellyfish: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25811 Mighty Elephants: Single Copy K 570L $8.40 
WA-25811-E6 Mighty Elephants: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card K 570L $55.40Correlate
WA-30457 Mighty Elephants: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25812 Mysterious Black Widows: Single Copy L 540L $8.40 
WA-25812-E6 Mysterious Black Widows: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card L 540L $50.40Correlate
WA-30458 Mysterious Black Widows: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25813 Pouncing Jaguars: Single Copy M 560L $8.40 
WA-25813-E6 Pouncing Jaguars: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card M 560L $55.40Correlate
WA-30459 Pouncing Jaguars: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25814 Prowling Wolves: Single Copy K 520L $8.40 
WA-25814-E6 Prowling Wolves: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card K 520L $55.40Correlate
WA-30460 Prowling Wolves: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25815 Shocking Sharks: Single Copy L 610L $8.40 
WA-25815-E6 Shocking Sharks: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card L 610L $55.40Correlate
WA-30461 Shocking Sharks: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25816 Thrilling Tarantulas: Single Copy M 490L $8.40 
WA-25816-E6 Thrilling Tarantulas: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card M 490L $55.40Correlate
WA-30462 Thrilling Tarantulas: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25817 Towering Giraffes: Single Copy L 600L $8.40 
WA-25817-E6 Towering Giraffes: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card L 600L $55.40Correlate
WA-30463 Towering Giraffes: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-25818 Wobbly Walruses: Single Copy K 590L $8.40 
WA-25818-E6 Wobbly Walruses: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Smart Word Vocabulary Card K 590L $55.40Correlate
WA-30464 Wobbly Walruses: Book and Audio CD     $18.40 
WA-26168 Single Copy Set: 12 books, 1 each of 12 titles     $100.00 
WA-35200 Classroom Set: 72 Books (6 each of 12 titles); 12 E-Books (PDFs); 12 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards     $629.00 
WA-31051 Audio CD Collection: 12 CDs (1 CD per title)     $120.00 
WA-25819 Teacher Guide     $26.00 

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