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View the Sundance Catalog Online
View the Sundance Catalog Online

The Real Deal®—Yellow Plus
Grades 4 to 8
6 nonfiction books packed with fun to keep readers engaged
Reading Level 2–3
Interest Level 4–8
Guided Reading Level L

The Real Deal—Yellow Plus Set features:

  • 6 titles, 32 pages each
  • Beginning text load: 700–800 words
  • 3 chapters in each book
  • Utilizes both illustrations and photographs
  • Introduces simple labels and charts
  • Engages readers in content with jokes and cartoons
  • Word-for-word Audio CDs
  • 84-page Sundance Hi-Lo Reading Teacher Guide
  • A FREE Smart Word vocabulary card and book label for every title.

The Real Deal—Yellow Plus Set Teacher Guide provides an 8-page lesson plan—that includes 6 reproducible skill sheets—for each of the 6 titles in the Set.

Getting Around Water
Over it, under it, or blocking it—we fight with water in many ways. Read about three great examples of ways we have conquered water!

Going the Distance
There are a lot of ways to travel the world, by bicycle, by foot, or by air. Meet some people who really know how to "go the distance."

Incredible Rescues
Read some amazing stories of rescues against all odds that will enthrall and inspire you! In everyday battles for survival, these heroes reacted in seconds to make incredible saves.

Motorcycle Madness
Since the first steam powered engine, people have loved the speed and freedom of motorcycles! See all the interesting ways they have been put to use—from army scouts to stunt doubles.

What a Home!
Home is where the heart is, even if it is shaped like a flying saucer! Check out some very interesting houses that have been built, and the stories behind them.

What Smells?
What smells good? What smells bad? It's all a matter of opinion. But one thing is for sure, the sense of smell is very powerful—some people even call it the memory sense.

Learn more about:  The Real Deal® Complete Collections

The Real Deal®—Yellow Plus
Quantity Order Code Configuration GRL Level Lexile® Price Standards Correlations
WA-28424 Single Copy Set: 6 books, 1 each of 6 titles     $51.00 
WA-28425 Classroom Set: 36 books, 6 each of 6 titles     $306.00 
WA-28711 Teacher Guide—Yellow Plus     $11.00 
WA-31205 Audio CD Set: 6 CDs (1 each of 6 titles)     $60.00 
WA-28705 Getting Around Water: Single Copy L 590L $8.50 
WA-28705-06 Getting Around Water: 6-pack L 590L $51.00Correlate
WA-30313 Getting Around Water: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 
WA-28706 Going the Distance: Single Copy L 600L $8.50 
WA-28706-06 Going the Distance: 6-pack L 600L $51.00Correlate
WA-30314 Going the Distance: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 
WA-28708 Incredible Rescues: Single Copy L 590L $8.50 
WA-28708-06 Incredible Rescues: 6-pack L 590L $51.00Correlate
WA-30316 Incredible Rescues: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 
WA-28710 Motorcycle Madness: Single Copy L 510L $8.50 
WA-28710-06 Motorcycle Madness: 6-pack L 510L $51.00Correlate
WA-30318 Motorcycle Madness: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 
WA-28707 What a Home!: Single Copy L 610L $8.50 
WA-28707-06 What a Home!: 6-pack L 610L $51.00Correlate
WA-30315 What a Home!: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 
WA-28709 What Smells?: Single Copy L 630L $8.50 
WA-28709-06 What Smells?: 6-pack L 630L $51.00Correlate
WA-30317 What Smells?: Book and Audio CD     $18.50 

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