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View the Sundance Catalog Online
View the Sundance Catalog Online

Literactive Readers Set 5
Grades PreK to 1

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Illustrated storybooks come alive with interactive online versions that enhance learning!

Literactive Readers feature fun, engaging stories that develop key skills for young readers, focusing on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction. Familiar, kid-friendly topics will grab children's interest and keep them coming back for more!

Student Books Now Available in Print, Interactive Digital, and E-Book Formats
Each purchase comes with FREE access to the companion Interactive Online Stories.
A value of $75 per classroom!

Literactive Readers Student Books are also available as E-Book versions, now included in every 6-Pack!
E-Books Available

  • Purchase one-time-only, with 6-Packs
  • Unlimited circulation throughout a building
  • Device neutral: web-based, mobile-friendly, and iPad-compatible; perfect for interactive whiteboards
  • Access at school or home, anywhere, anytime

Learn more about:  Literactive Readers and Interactive Online Stories

Literactive Readers Set 5
Quantity Order Code Configuration GRL Level Word Count Price Standards Correlations
WA-33159 Bob's School Bag: Single Copy E 96 $5.85 
WA-33159-E6 Bob's School Bag: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 96 $41.60Correlate
WA-33160 Grandma's Glasses: Single Copy E 91 $5.85 
WA-33160-E6 Grandma's Glasses: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 91 $41.60Correlate
WA-33161 Hairy Mary: Single Copy E 78 $5.85 
WA-33161-E6 Hairy Mary: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 78 $41.60Correlate
WA-33167 The Little Monkey: Single Copy E 86 $5.85 
WA-33167-E6 The Little Monkey: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 86 $41.60Correlate
WA-33162 Luca's Lunch Box: Single Copy E 93 $5.85 
WA-33162-E6 Luca's Lunch Box: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 93 $41.60 
WA-33163 Mom's First Day: Single Copy E 86 $5.85 
WA-33163-E6 Mom's First Day: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 86 $41.60Correlate
WA-33164 A Mouse in the House: Single Copy E 96 $5.85 
WA-33164-E6 A Mouse in the House: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 96 $41.60Correlate
WA-33165 Paul's Chair: Single Copy E 111 $5.85 
WA-33165-E6 Paul's Chair: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 111 $41.60Correlate
WA-33166 School Is Cool: Single Copy E 101 $5.85 
WA-33166-E6 School Is Cool: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 101 $41.60Correlate
WA-33168 Wake Up!: Single Copy E 90 $5.85 
WA-33168-E6 Wake Up!: 6-Pack (6 print copies); E-Book (PDF); Teacher Guide E 90 $41.60Correlate
WA-33232 Single Copy Set: 10 Books (1 each of 10 titles)   $58.50 
WA-34719 Classroom Set: 60 Print Books (6 each of 10 titles); 10 E-Books (PDFs); 10 Teacher Guides; Program Overview Guide; Storage/Display Box   $419.00 

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