AlphaKids Spanish

Grades K to 2

Now, Our Best-Selling Literacy Program is Available in Spanish!
  • DEVELOP English Language Learners' literacy, academic language, and content knowledge with 288 fiction and nonfiction Leveled Readers, now available in Spanish Print and E-Book formats.
  • SUPPORT Spanish speakers with carefully leveled Student Books that help build content-area concepts while developing language skills.
  • OFFER separate Blackline Masters in Spanish and English to scaffold instruction.
The AlphaKids Guided Reading Program enables Spanish-speaking students to develop literacy skills and strategies in a defined and careful fashion. The 288 Student Books (Print and E-Book versions) include a range of topics and genres that span Guided Reading Levels A–K. Each accompanying Lesson Plan includes a Blackline Master, available in English and Spanish.
  • DEVELOP reading skills and strategies systematically through scaffolded, explicit instruction, and Student Books that gradually increase in length and difficulty.
  • CAPTURE students' attention with 288 leveled readers available in Print and E-Book formats, available in English and Spanish for whole-class and small-group use.
  • TRACK progress and ensure application of key skills using Blackline Masters and quick observational checks.

AlphaKids Spanish Student Books
Empower Spanish-speaking students to become strategic, successful readers with 288 titles in a wide range of topics and genres to match any curriculum.

  • Choose from realistic fiction, adventures, how-to books, photo-essays, fairy tales, and more!
  • High-interest titles offer gradually increasing challenges in length, language, text format, and story structure.
  • Child-centered books feature multicultural characters and engaging topics to keep kids turning pages.
  • Comprehension questions in the back of each book prompt students to check understanding and make connections.

AlphaKids Spanish E-Books
AlphaKids Spanish Student Books are available in E-Book format!
E-Books Available

  • Look Inside! Download an E-Book Sample. (1.3 MB)
  • Purchase one-time-only, with 6-Packs
  • Unlimited circulation throughout a building
  • Device neutral: web-based, mobile-friendly, and iPad-compatible; perfect for interactive whiteboards
  • Access at school or home, anywhere, anytime

AlphaKids Lesson Plans and Spanish Blackline Masters
Individual Lesson Plans accompany each Student Book.

AlphaKids Teacher Guides

  • Explicit support for building reading strategies and introducing important elements of phonics, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Suggestions for promoting comprehension through activating prior knowledge,previewing the text, and thinking about the text while reading.
  • Blackline Masters in English and Spanish to assess comprehension.
  • ELL strategies.
  • Extension activities to encourage fluency practice and develop writing skills.
  • Take a look inside! Download a FREE Lesson Plan sampler and Spanish Blackline Master sampler.

AlphaKids Spanish Program Organization
Designed for guiding young readers through a supported and scaffolded program of literacy development, AlphaKids Spanish features a variety of levels and genres to match your students’ skills, interests, and instructional needs.

• Guided Reading LevelsA–D; 8–16 pages each; with 1–9 lines of text per page.
• Gradual progression of high-frequencywords.
• Consistent layout featuring ample word spacing.
• Guided Reading LevelsD–G; 16 pages each; with 1–12 lines of text per page.
• Develop new vocabulary by teaching students to process words in context.
• Variety of syntax, line lengths, voices, and sentence structures.
• Guided Reading LevelsG–I; 16 pages each; with 1–14 lines of text per page.
• Increased exposure to complex and compound sentence structure, and direct speech.
• Introduction to a variety of voices and points of view.
• Guided Reading Levels J–K; 16–24 pages each; with 1–17 lines of text perpage.
• Nonfiction text features, including captions, diagrams, headings, bulleted lists, and labels.
• Range of informational texts and longer, more complex narratives.

FREE Smart Word vocabulary card included with every 6-Pack and book label for every title.

Take a Closer Look!

E-Books Available!
Perfect for whole class and small group settings.
Download an E-Book Sample.
Download an E-Book Sample.
(1.3 MB)

Look Inside!
Complimentary Lesson Plan sampler and Spanish Blackline Master sampler.

Researched & Approved:
View the AlphaKids Research Report.

Titles in this Series Guided Rdg Level
AlphaKids Spanish Level 1   A
AlphaKids Spanish Level 2   B
AlphaKids Spanish Level 3   C
AlphaKids Spanish Level 4   C
AlphaKids Spanish Level 5   D
AlphaKids Spanish Level 6   D
AlphaKids Spanish Level 7   E
AlphaKids Spanish Level 8   E
AlphaKids Spanish Level 9   F
AlphaKids Spanish Level 10   F
AlphaKids Spanish Level 11   G
AlphaKids Spanish Level 12   G
AlphaKids Spanish Level 13   H
AlphaKids Spanish Level 14   H
AlphaKids Spanish Level 15   I
AlphaKids Spanish Level 16   I
AlphaKids Spanish Level 17   I
AlphaKids Spanish Level 18   J
AlphaKids Spanish Level 19   J
AlphaKids Spanish Level 20   J
AlphaKids Spanish Level 21   K
AlphaKids Spanish Level 22   K
AlphaKids Spanish Level 23   K
AlphaKids Spanish Level 24   K


AlphaKids Spanish
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-37161 Levels 1–5: Single Copy Set: 60 Books (1 each of 60 titles) $349.00
WA-37160 Levels 1–5: Classroom Set: 360 Print Books (6 each of 60 titles); 60 E-Books (PDFs); 60 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 60 Spanish Blackline Master; 60 Lesson Plans $2,310.00
WA-37163 Levels 6–11: Single Copy Set: 72 Books (1 each of 72 titles) $442.00
WA-37162 Levels 6–11: Classroom Set: 432 Print Books (6 each of 72 titles); 72 E-Books (PDFs); 72 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 72 Spanish Blackline Master; 72 Lesson Plans $2,899.00
WA-37165 Levels 12–17: Single Copy Set: 72 Books (1 each of 72 titles) $442.00
WA-37164 Levels 12–17: Classroom Set: 432 Print Books (6 each of 72 titles); 72 E-Books (PDFs); 72 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 72 Spanish Blackline Master; 72 Lesson Plans $2,899.00
WA-37167 Levels 18–24: Single Copy Set: 84 Books (1 each of 84 titles) $516.00
WA-37166 Levels 18–24: Classroom Set: 504 Print Books (6 each of 84 titles); 84 E-Books (PDFs); 84 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 84 Spanish Blackline Master; 84 Lesson Plans $3,299.00
WA-37169 Levels 1–24: Single Copy Set: 288 Books (1 each of 288 titles) $1,629.00
WA-37168 Levels 1–24: Classroom Set: 1,728 Print Books (6 each of 288 titles); 288 E-Books (PDFs); 288 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 288 Spanish Blackline Master; 288 Lesson Plans $11,099.00

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