Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers

Grades PreK to 2

Extend the development of your students' basic phonics skills!

Lift students to the next level in phonics comprehension. By presenting phonics within an emergent-level nonfiction narrative, Phonics Readers build from current research in cognitive language acquisition. Real-world topics allow readers to expand their knowledge as they develop phonemic awareness and phonic skills.

Wonder Books Nonfiction Readers develop the key reading areas of phonics.

Nonfiction Phonics Readers feature:

  • 42 books, 24 pages each
  • One to two sentences per page
  • Simple vocabulary students will recognize
  • Key word list for review
  • Bright, full-color photographs that engage students
  • Teacher Idea Book
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Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level
Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers—Consonants PreK - 2
Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers—Vowels PreK - 2
Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers—R Blends PreK - 2
Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers—Consonant Digraphs PreK - 2


Wonder Books® Nonfiction Phonics Readers
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-24134 Single Copy Set: 42 books, 1 each of 42 titles $249.90
WA-24135 Complete Collection: Classroom Set: 252 books, 6 each of 42 titles; Teacher Idea Book $1,339.00

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